The Fifth Estate –

It’s not an attack on Wikileaks

Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Daniel Brühl) and Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch,r)
Foto: Constantin-Film/

Whoever has been living under a rock for let’s say the last couple of years and hasn’t ever heard anything about the online platform Wikileaks will have trouble understanding what the film „The Fifth Estate“ is all about. And whoever thought that the film will take revenge on Wikileaks‘ founder Julian Assange, will be disappointed.

Maybe all visionaries have something in common. They believe in an idea, they fight for with all their powers and sometimes with every means they can get their hands on. Because they deeply believe that what they are doing is right. That is what makes them special. Others can’t really get what this is all about, because they do not understand. Julian Assange is a visionary, inspired by his believe that all information should be accessible by everybody. That’s why he established Wikileaks, why he has fought and is still fighting for his believes against everything and every person, including his nearest friend Daniel Domscheit-Berg – thoughtlessly hurting feelings and causing disappointment on each side.

Making things visible that are not visible

Director Bill Condon concentrates his work on the relationship between Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg. And if this isn’t enough to get along with – you know that Assange wasn’t amused when works for the film started –  „The Fifth Estate“ tries to make things visible that are not visible: Websites, Mails, Chats, Computercodes and a lot of other tech-stuff most of the public has only a faintest idea of what those things are really made for. And so there are many flashing lines, different windows on computerscreens (they often work on Thinkpads by the way for anyone interested), a huge sterile looking office, an empty snow covered field, with a few camp fires and people hovering before their laptops when they are not too busy traveling round the world.

Brilliant leading actors

What is holding all the different scenes together is the brilliance of the leading actors: Daniel Brühl always grounds his Daniel Domscheit-Berg even when his enthusiasm is about to pull him away from his ordinary life which he finds boring but which defines him deeply – there is a scene when Julian accompanies him to Daniel’s parents who are so normal and so typically German that you as a German almost can see your own parents shining through –  and which urges him to end the friendship with Julian Assange.

Benedict Cumberbach – who was the baddie in the latest Star Trek film, is about to be Alan Turing in the film „The Imitation Game“, will hit the cinemas in „12 Years a Slave“, „August: Osange County“ and gives voice to the dragon Smaug in „The Hobbit“ before Christmas (and we all are desperately waiting for him bringing Sherlock back to our telly) – Benedict Cumberbatch is hardly visible as a person.

Benedict is Julian Assange

Because he does what he always does as an actor: getting under the skin of the figure he is about to play, stepping totally aside and bringing the character to life with the brilliance of an actor who is said to be one of the best of his generation. His white hair, his totally changed face, contacts that cover the natural colour of his eyes is combined with totally unfamiliar gestures, reactions, different body language what all together helps Benedict Cumberbatch really being Julian Assange, at least the Assange of this film. A restless, hounded, highly intelligent computer expert who is at the same time lonely, isolated and very fascinating, who brutally pisses off his best and trusted friend although he earns him so much. „All I have got is a webside, a couple of fake email addresses. And you. Do I have you?“ Assange asks Domscheit-Berg at the beginning.
Cumberbatch gives his Assange every feeling from a cold and calculating machine-like behavior to a soft and very vulnerable human being – and he manages all this brilliantly within a second and with very little expressions. But as so often you see the change in Benedict’s eyes. With all this Cumberbatch rules the film and dominates it but he doesn’t dominate an also brilliant Daniel Brühl.

„If you want the truth, you’ve to seek it out for yourself. That’s what they’re afraid of. You.“, the fictional Assange says in an fictional interview that’s wrapped around the film. The film – like in real life – he accuses of being an attack on himself and Wikileaks. But the film isn’t an attack at all. Partly based on the memories of Daniel Domscheit-Berg (who supported Daniel Brühl in his preparation for the role) and taking his point of view, the film can not be objective or even a documentary.
„The Fifth Estate“ is above all a good and thrilling entertainment. And maybe it will get some to find out more about Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

You find the German version here.

If part of this article sound weird this is due to the fact that I’m no native speaker, so don’t be too harsh.

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Wichtige Augenblicke

Google+ mit neuen Funktionen

„A moment that matters“ – ein wichtiger Augenblick. Das Motto für die Google-Plus-Veranstaltung am Dienstagabend deutscher Zeit war bedeutungsschwer. Vielleicht zu schwer für die Technik, die kurz vor der angekündigten Zeit vor Ort versagte. Ein Stromausfall führte zu einer Verzögerung des Google Events von gut 30 Minuten, ein weiterer Fehler führte dazu, dass der Livestream in Deutschland geblockt war und nur über Unblocker wie beispielsweise Hola zu sehen war. Und für Ärger bei den Nutzern sorgte.

Stefan Keuchel entschuldigte sich auf Twitter.

Dass es weder eine Vorstellung neuer Produkte (wie dem von vielen sehnlichst erwarteten Nexus 5 geben würde), war schon vorher klar. Schließlich waren „einige Updates für Google+“ angekündigt. Das soziale Netzwerk, das im Grunde viel mehr ist als das und noch nie als anderes Facebook angetreten war, hat nach den neuesten Angaben 540 Millionen Nutzer täglich. Von ihnen sind 300 Millionen im Stream aktiv und tun das, was sie am liebsten tun: Fotos hochladen. Wer +Vic Gundotra in seinen Kreisen hat, weiß, dass der Google-Plus-Chef ein leidenschaftlicher Fotograf ist, der seine Bilder gerne und oft teilt. Und mit dieser Leidenschaft war er auch bei diesem Event ein perfekter Botschafter für Google und die neuen Helferchen, die G+ bekommen wird und die unter anderem hier zusammengefasst sind. Darüber hinaus wird es auch neue Funktionen für Videos geben, die ähnlich wie Fotos bearbeitet werden können.

Hangout kann chatten und simsen

Wer weniger daran interessiert ist – so wie ich, die eine lausige Fotografin ist – wird sich darüber freuen, dass Hangouts nicht nur im Voraus planbar sein werden und dann eine entsprechende Seite ähnlich der bei Veranstaltungen bekommen werden. Die Handout-App integriert den Chat, kann Gifs darstellen, auf Wunsch den Standort auf der Karte mitteilen und die SMS-Funktion übernehmen – und könnte so eine App überflüssig machen.
Laut Ankündigung sollen die neuen Funktionen im Laufe der Woche verfügbar sein. Lediglich Auto-Effekte für Videos funktionieren nur auf Geräten mit Android 4.3 und höher (4.4. kommt!). Alle anderen werden auch von älteren Versionen unterstützt.

Das ist Google+ – auf drei Seiten. Screenshot:pb

The love of a fandom

The fandom version made
… and the original Cover of
Time Magazine Oct 28th 2013

What is it calling yourself a fan of a famous person, say an actor, say Benedict Cumberbatch? Fans will know what I mean and nod in agreement while reading on. If you are not a fan of him, you will waste your time with these lines (please feel free to scroll down my other blog  entries anyway).
If you are Benedict Cumberbatch you may get a very faint impression of the fandom you rule so gently. (If you really are Benedict, please contact me. I’ll take the evidence that a journalist do know that your fans are the Cumbercollective and may ask intelligent questions.)

„Cumberbatch is (…) as unique
as his name.“

First there is this special moment when you realize that this person has something, well, special. Something you can’t explain. In case of Benedict many of his now devoted fans confess that it wasn’t love on first sight. Because Mr. Cumberbatch doesn’t look like a man you would easily describe as beautiful or lovely. With his face that is somehow oddly angular, his distinctive cheekbones and his auburn curled hair, he doesn’t fit any normal pattern. But if you get hooked by any of the characters he plays – probably BBC’s Sherlock – you will find that he is a very special person. As an actor he’s able to cry on the spot, change the expression of the figure he impersonates within the wink of an eye (Do watch „The Blind Banker“ scene when Sherlock and John are in Seb’s office. And this guy says that they hated Sherlock at the university.) „Cumberbatch is the latest British sensation in Hollywood — an actor of scrupulous intelligence and a fragile, shape-shifting presence as unique as his name“, writes csmonitor and puts two sides of a coin together.

Since Benedict Cumberbatch first played Sherlock back in 2010 he has become a household name not only in Britain. It got him the attention of Hollywood who in the shape of director JJ Abrams hired him as the baddie for his latest film „Star Trek: Into Darkness“. He saw Benedict Cumberbatch and despite the fact that Star Trek fans wouldn’t agree with his decision, Abrams thought that he was right „because he was so damn good.

Cumberbatch’s fans obviously not only know that he is a brilliant actor who literally gets under the skin of every figure he plays and reads every available snippet helping him to understand the character. They adore Benedict because – after all the fame and all the success he now has as an actor who can easily decide which role to take – he’s still that guy you may meet at a bookstore or on London’s tube (which is known because fans spread the news on twitter) and who is always astonished that people gather at the set of „Sherlock“. Here they wait patiently for him to come along, politely signing autographs, chatting with his fans and taking pics with them. Pics that will instantly flood the internet and being discussed in every possible detail.

Found on Twitter.

Although Benedict once in a while confirms that he is not on any of the social networks, he nevertheless rules the internet (You of course know that he chatted with fans on a AMA on reddit – you find my transcipt here. But this is a rare moment). The worldwide fandom stays in touch on the internet as a place to meet and share it’s love. Being part of the Cumbercollective is much more than giggling, crying and fangirling around. Women who are confessed fans (rumours say that there are also men around) are intelligent, self-assured, manage their lives and have much wider interests. Interests that are also inspired by Benedict who nourishes countless blogs that only exist because of him, inspires his fans drawing (well not only) and writing about him (as you see in this blog), and creating such lovely things like these Cumbercupcakes within a breathtaking short amount of time. His fans watch over him like a Gentle Giant eager to have his back when needed, giving money for charity as a birthday gift, funding the film „Little Favour“ created by his company Sunny March. They follow his preparations for his roles by reading Arthur Conan Doyles‘ original Sherlock Holmes‘ stories, learning about Alan Turing (who Benedict is about to personate in a new film), Salomon Northup’s life he wrote down as „12 Years a Slave“ and about Wikileaks in „The Fifth Estate“.
While Benedict Cumberbatch is more busy than any bee possibly can be, the Cumbercollective tries to keep pace with his activities which is not always easy especially in this year which truly is the Year of The Cumberbatch.

Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch
at the Graham Norton Show

If part of this article sound weird this is due to the fact that I’m no native speaker, so don’t be too harsh.

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Google ändert Nutzungsbedingungen und informiert vorbildlich

Normalerweise werkelt Google einfach so vor sich hin. Jedenfalls für den Nutzer. Solange die gewohnten Dienste wie die Suche, Gmail oder der Kalender erreichbar sind, besteht kein Grund zur Aufregung. Und im Gegensatz zu anderen kostenlosen Anbietern, bekommt man sehr selten Mails von Google.

Landet aber eine im Posteingang, dann ist die wichtig. Der Betreff „Aktualisierungen für Inhaber und Administratoren von Google+ Seiten“ klingt sperrig und lässt Schlimmes ahnen. Aber: die Mail ist zwar ausführlich, aber in einem verständlichen Deutsch verfasst – umständliche Formulierungen, die schlecht übersetzt sind, sucht man vergeblich.

Trockene Dinge, die wichtig sind

Folgt man einem der Links, kommt man auf der Seite, die Googles Nutzungsbedingungen erklärt und selbstkritisch einräumt, dass viele „von Ihnen eine Abneigung gegen Juristendeutsch haben“ weshalb Sie hier „eine leicht verständliche Zusammenfassung“ finden. „Wir wissen, dass diese Dinge etwas trocken sein können, aber wir sind der Ansicht, dass sie wichtig sind.“ So wichtig, dass beim Aufruf der Google-Startseite ein durchdringend blauer Balken oben auf die geänderten Nutzungsbedingungen hinweist und man als Google-Plus-Nutzer einen entsprechenden Hinweis in den Benachrichtigungen findet.

Freilich werden jetzt Kritiker sagen, dass der Suchmaschinengigant alles und jeden kontrollieren und aus jedem einzelnen Mausklick Geld herausholen möchte. Ja. Natürlich will Google Geld verdienen. So wie jedes andere Unternehmen auch. Aber man kann Google nicht vorwerfen, die Nutzer nicht rechtzeitig informiert zu haben – die Änderungen treten nämlich erst am 11. November in Kraft.

Einstellungen selbst aktivieren

Bis dahin ist also genügend Zeit, sich durch die entsprechenden Links zu klicken und eventuelle Änderungen vorzunehmen. Während man bei Facebook schon mal Überraschungen erlebt, weil sich gefühlsmäßig plötzlich Privatspähreneinstellungen ändern oder neue Ausnahmen hinzukommen und sofort aktiviert sind, muss der Google-Nutzer in aller Regel Einstellungen selbst aktivieren.

Wie im ersten Screenshot zu sehen, sind hier die Einstellung standardmäßig deaktiviert. Setzt man den Haken und speichert die Einstellungen, stellt Google das Profilbild des Nutzers zu einer Anzeige, die ein vorher empfohlenes Produkt bewirbt. Und: einmal gemachte Einstellungen können hinterher wieder geändert werden. Sie wirken sich auch nicht auf frühere Beiträge aus.

Der Screenshot unten zeigt wie sich im Gegensatz dazu eine Änderung in den Einstellungen bei Facebook auswirkt. Im schlechten Deutsch erfährt man, dass man einmal gemachte Änderungen nicht mit einem einfachen Klick zurücknehmen kann, sondern jeden Eintrag einzeln freigeben und beschränken muss.

Der gesetzte Haken bewirkt, dass Name und Profilbild eingeblendet werden. 
Facebook erlaubt es nicht, gemachte Änderungen zurückzunehmen. Screenshots:pb

How are you typing? With my left foot

Benedict Cumberbatch’s AMA on reddit Oct 11 2013

Proof: Fancy a cup?

Benedict: Hello reddit. My film The Fifth Estate opens 10/18.

A:  What is your favorite childhood memory?  If you were stranded on a desert island with the basic essentials, what additional 3 things would you want to have and why?
Benedict:  Hello! My favorite childhood memory is the blue sky above my parents flat.
If I were on a desert island I would love to have a scuba diving kit. My family. And my partner of the moment – whomever I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
If it’s not people that am allowed. Additional equipment would be a kindle with a never ending memory of books. And a survival handbook.

A: Mr Cumberbatch, you so rarely get to do comedy these days, and you were hilarious in Starter for 10! It seems from interviews and such that you and Simon Pegg got on well while filming Star Trek. As Mr Pegg has a tendency to cast his friends in his work, is there any chance we might one day get to see you in a future Pegg comedy film?
Benedict: That is a question for Simon, obviously. I love my comedy and when the right project comes up I won’t shy away from it. There’s a lot of humor in what I do, specifically Sherlock, but it would be great to play a „normal guy“ in a „normal comedy“.

A: Benedict, You must get asked many of the same questions over and over, but I’d like to know — what’s a question you WISH someone would ask? Something that matters to you about which you’d love to speak candidly? (And of course, what’s the answer to that question?) Also, thank you for sharing your immense talent and for doing this AMA. You are both well-respected and well-loved, and it’s deserved from what I can tell.
Benedict: Well thank you very much, first of all. I often feel in interviews people should ask about the culture and people that I engage with as an audience rather than the same bio or personal life details. Rough with the very, very smooth, these are high class problems. The best interviews evolve like conversation. They’re not lead by journalists that are seeking to thrill their editor with predictable copy and questions that are basically answers. Sadly, that’s the norm. But there are exceptions which sometimes make it worthwhile.

A: Mr. Cumberbatch, If you make an appearance on Sesame Street, which Muppet would you like to share a scene with? Thank you
Benedict: Animal.
Comment: But Animal isn’t a member of the Sesame Street cast!!
Benedict: Forgive me. Oscar the grouch.

A: Hi Benedict, I’m a big fan – thanks for doing this AMA. I really enjoyed your portrayal of Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. My question is that you’ve often portrayed some very famous literary characters, ie Sherlock Holmes, Victor Frankenstein, Smaug The Dragon, but if you could choose to be any other literary character in an upcoming role who would it be and why?
Benedict: Patrick Melrose in Edward St. Aubyn.

A: What are you currently reading for leisure, and what is your favorite novel of all time?
Also, if you could play any stage role, be it opera, musicals, or plays, who would it be?
Thanks so much for doing an AMA, and I’m so excited for Smaug’s appearance in a few months!
Benedict: See answer to fictional character I’d like to play. I have short term ambitions.

A: There are millions of reasons as to why I watch Sherlock and your perfect comedic timing is most definitely one of them!
Benedict: Thank you. I learned from the master, Martin Freematn.

A: Do you, Matt Smith, and Tom Hiddleton have cheek bone polishing parties?
Benedict: We like nothing better than buffing our Zygoma. And imagining a horny time traveling long overcoat purple scarf wearing super sleuth nordic legend fuck fantasy. Get to work on that, internet.
Comment: I realise this will disappoint a lot of you sorry :c
Benedict: Phenomenal. Why does Matt have the hammer? Sure it’s the wrong household tool? Shouldn’t it be a sonic toothbrush with a screwdriver on the end of it? And what’s Simon Pegg doing staring at my abundant locks? And where’s his right hand?

A: Is fame different from how you imagined it would be?
Benedict: You can’t imagine fame. You can only ever see it from an outsider and comment on it with the rueful wisdom of a non participant. When it happens to you, it doesn’t matter what age or how, it is a very steep learning curve. The important thing to realize in all of it is that life is short, to protect the ones you love, and not expose yourself to too much abuse or narcissistic reflection gazing and move on. If fame affords me the type of ability to do the kind of work I’m being offered, who am I to complain about the downsides. It’s all relative. And this are obviously very high class problems. The way privacy becomes an every shrinking island is inevitable but also manageable and it doesn’t necessary have to get that way…

A: Quick. What’s in your pocket right now
Benedict: Hand.
A: How are you typing?
Benedict: With my left foot.

A: If I make a brand of pants called „CumberBritches“ will you endorse them?
Benedict: Only if you get me a billboard slot in Times Square.

A: Benedict, do you bother with Halloween? If so, what will you be this year? If not… Disregard
Benedict: The invisible man. Oh, how I love to disappear.

A: Hi Ben, what are a few of your favorite comfort movies that are nostalgic to you and you never tire of?
Benedict: Ghostbusters. Loads of John Hughes classics. Annie Hall. annnnnd 2001 Space Odyssey!!

A: Julian Assange’s open letter to you criticizing The Fifth Estate is very intense. He even goes so far as to call you a „hired gun“ for distorting the truth (or at least what he views as his truth). Did this affect the way you portrayed him or even make you second guess your role at all in this film?
Benedict: Yes, of course it did. To have the man you are about to portray ask you intelligently and politely not to do it gave me real cause for concern, however, it galvanized me into addressing why I was doing this movie. He accuses me of being a „hired gun“ as if I am an easily bought cypher for right wing propaganda. Not only do I NOT operate in a moral vacuum but this was not a pay day for me at all. I’ve worked far less hard for more financial reward. This project was important to me because of the integrity I wanted to bring to provocative difficult but ultimately timely and a truly important figure of our modern times. The idea of making a movie about someone who so far removed from my likeness or situation who brought about an ideal through personal sacrifice that has changed the way we view both social media, the power of the individual to have a voice in that space, and be able to question both the hypocrisies and wrongdoings of organizations and bodies of powerful people that rule our lives… This resonated deeply with my beliefs in civil liberty, a healthy democracy, and the human rights of both communities and individuals to question those in authority. I believe that the film, quite clearly, illuminates the great successes of wikileaks and its extraordinary founder Julians Assange. As well as, examining the personalities involved and what become a dysfunctional relationship within that organization. While the legacy of his actions and the organizations continue to evolve and only history will be the true judge of where this is leading us. The Fifth Estate is a powerful, if dramatized, entry point for a discussion about this extraordinary lurch forward in our society. I wanted to create a three dimensional portrait of a man far more maligned in the tabloid press than he is in our film to remind people that he is not just the weird, white haired Australian dude wanted in Sweden, hiding in an embassy behind Harrods. But a true force to be reckoned with, achieved the realization of the great ideal. I’m proud to be involved in tackling such a contentious character and script. There is only personal truth in my opinion, and the film should provoke debate and not consensus. It should be enjoyable and ultimately empowering to realize that Julian has spearheaded a movement that is the foundations stone of The Fifth Estate, people journalism and what that is capable of including finding out the „truth“ for yourself.
Comment: And he typed that out with his left foot.
Benedict: I used a bit of my right, too. And my nose. My hands were busy scratching my head.
Comment: And this is the proof against a Benedict Twitter account.
Benedict: Julian complex important proud to have attempted an interpretation. Film out Oct. 18 #FifthEstate How’s that?

A: Is it hard to keep the secret of how Sherlock survived? Do you ever have the urge to tell someone? If so, how do you cope?
Benedict:  I cry myself to sleep at night. And then wake up laughing.

A: There has recently been a debate about whether television is finally on par with film as an artistic medium. As someone who has achieved considerable success in both TV and film, what is your opinion on this matter?
Benedict: I think there is no debate. I agree. And thank you for your assessment of my achievements.

A: Mr. Cumberbatch, I asked Mr. Hiddleston this question when he did a Q&A on Twitter:  Can you feel the love tonight? He was unable to respond, but I’m hoping you will.
Benedict: I’m feeling it right now. Leave me alone.

A: Seeing as to how you’ve been spending a lot of time in the US, what do you find was the most baffling thing about the customs here?
Benedict: I find that no one at the borders ever smiles.

A: Have you turned down or missed out on any roles that you wish you had taken/gotten and what were they?
Benedict: Turned down, no. Missed out, yes. Being specific would be impolite.

A: Has there been a time when you’ve been completely starstruck meeting someone famous but had to play it cool because you’re famous too?
Benedict: Uhhhhhhhh. Every time I’ve met someone famous who I’ve been in the audience of. I have the same butterflies and inability to be cool. I approach them as a fellow member of the human race as the next person in their audience does. I’ve been doing this for 10 odd years, and so to meet people who thrilled me with their work for my entire life in such a concentrated manner as has happened over the last few years has been mind-blowing. One of the many perks of my job, I guess.ppened over the last few years has been mind-blowing. One of the many perks of my job, I guess.

A: This AMA has exceeded my wildest expectations. Has your sass increased since working with Martin Freeman, or were you always this sassy?
Benedict: Well of course Martin will be furious unless I say I owe it all to him. And believe me, his wrath is more fearsome than any dragons.

A: You’ve charmed the pants off of the whole damn world and are highly sought-after in the acting world and yet you remain as gracious and humble as the day you started acting. I just wanted to let you know that among the stories we hear of artists being less-than-pleasant to their fans, you are a breath of fresh air and I can’t tell you how much your fans appreciate that about you.
Question: where has your favorite place been so far to visit?
Benedict: On an untouched New Zealand glacier via helicopter where I stepped out in trainers, jogging pants, and got out and danced. Or touching the earth after my first skydiving jump in Namibia. Or a balcony in South Africa where I felt the sun on my face after the night I was carjacked.

A: What do you think of your fans calling themselves ‚Cumbercookies‘? That way when we all come together, we’ll be the ‚Cumberbatch‘ 😀
Benedict: It’s great! You could call yourself the Cumbergirls, and then when you come together you’d be a flock. Or you could call yourself the Cumbertadpoles and that way you’d be the Cumberspawn…Wait!…Ew! Don’t do that.

A:  Welcome to reddit Ben! I stayed up for this AMA (I’m in Australia) and I still can’t think of a decent question. Christ almighty you’ve had a busy year though! Star Trek Into Darkness, 12 Years a Slave, Little Favour (which I watched the trailer for a couple of days ago and it looks excellent), August: Osage County, Sherlock Series 3 –  heavy breathing –  The Fifth Estate. I don’t know how you find the time to eat and sleep to be honest. I’m 98% sure this will get buried but I guess I just wanted to thank you for being such an awesome and inspiring person, and for approaching playing Julian Assange with such finesse (Wikileaks and government transparency are issues very dear to my heart and have been a big part of Australian media for the past few years. I watched your interview on GMA this morning and was really happy to see you’ve treated his character with the complexity it deserves). Oh, and how did you find the Australian accent to mimic? I’ve heard it’s one of the more difficult ones to get right!
Benedict: Thanks to Sarah Shepard. I think we did Ok. She was a wonderful friend as well as help in perfecting the accent but in particular Julian’s speech patterns. And according to the Australian journalists I met in Toronto, we did a good job. I hope you agree. Thank you for your kind comments. It’s very appreciated from an Aussie. And especially one who must be almost as tired as I feel.
Comment: Plus you rock the fuck out of blond hair
Edit: He acknowledged me. New Reddit highlight.
Benedict: Well thank you, you’re in a much loved minority.

A: Mr. Cumberbatch, I don’t have a question. I just wanted to say that I think you are lovely in Sherlock and that my husband named our fish after you.
Benedict: I hope that fish lives a long life. Don’t put it near any rooftops.

A: Oh good lord. Under protest (if I don’t write this my 15 year old daughter has said she’ll create a Reddit account, and I really don’t want her hanging out with some of the very strange people here), I am directed to say that the next time you come to Toronto you are welcome to come over for a roast beef and yorkshire pudding dinner. To subvert this message, I’m asking you to please bring a date.
Benedict: Thank you very much. I’ll try and create some time next time I’m over there with The Invitation Game. For some English grub with you. No promises, though.

A: Hello! Any plans for working on anything for BBC Radio? I’m a huge fan of Cabin Pressure and would love to hear you all back for the last, „Z“, episode! All the best. 🙂
Benedict: Ask John Finnemore. He’s the writer. Hello John, if you’re out there. We love you!

A: With your (crazy) filming schedule, what creature comforts do you look forward to the most when returning home?
Benedict: Walking or running on Hampstead Heath, seeing my friends and family, cooking for myself, and the embrace of those I love. Beyond that, a whisky, the fire and a good book.

A: What’s the weirdest encounter you’ve had with a fan?
Benedict: Ted Danson at a pre-Oscar party screaming across a floor of people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ray Liotta, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, et al while pushing past them and knocking their drinks. „OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! IT’S FUCKING SHERLOCK HOLMES!“

A: Japan seems to really love you. Any funny/interesting/weird or simply memorable thing that happened to you there?
Benedict: Being greeted by 1000 people at an airport is pretty formidable as experiences in life go. I’d love to go there again and escape on a bullet train to the South Island to see Kyoto and more spots of beauty and spots of interest. A remarkable country that has been through so much in recent time that I’m very proud to be liked by. Thank you.

A: What are your top 5 favorite songs?
Benedict: At the moment: MS by Alt-J, Strong by London Grammar, Pretty much all of Sigur Ros‘ Valtari album, One Day Like This – Elbow, Fever to the Form – Nick Mulvey, Two Fingers – Jake Bugg. I’m rubbish at counting, and favorites.

A: Mr. Cumberbatch, everyone loves you for a myriad of reasons: your personality, looks, hair, cheekbones, you name it. I was wondering, what’s your favorite part about you?
Benedict: I guess as an actor your eyes are vital in conveying any internal thought process or feeling, and for that I have my mum to thank. Other than that, I’m happy to default to your judgements.

A: My wife would sincerely like to know if you are wearing anything under your robe….. please respond, this is important for our mental wellbeing.
Benedict: You should be asking who’s naked under it with me.

A: Nutella or Marmite?
Benedict: Marmite.

Update: Also, please check out the trailer for Little Favour, directed by a friend of mine Patrick Monroe. I hope you enjoy it!
Final Update: Thank you, reddit. This has been more fun than I imagined. It’s been great to be able to reach out and speak to a few of you. Sorry for those that I didn’t get to respond to. JA bless you all. See you all the next time.