A quick look at „We Are Colony“

Oh, here you are again. The friendly but unforgiving hint „This film is not available in your country“. This time I’m not able to watch „Third Star“ on the brand new platform  „We Are Colony„.  A side dedicated to independent film makers and their fans, eager to get not only the film as a whole but also more stuff you only get as extras on DVDs or Blu rays from one single place.


The hompage of We Are Colony. Screenshot: pb


Laughing and crying

In the case of  my beloved „Third Star“ I wrote about  a while ago on and which I re watch on a regular basis I have the DVD which doesn’t contain many extras. So I was really curious to learn more about behind the scene stuff and dive into gorgeous pics from Benedict Cumberbatch who plays James. And I was not disappointed. There are deleted scenes that somehow didn’t make the final cut, pics from behind the scene, stills and interviews with the cast. Material to fill hours watching, re watching and in the case of „Third Star“ laughing and crying.

The platform works like other streaming services: after you have received your invitation – which in my case took about  a day to reach my inbox – you are allowed to have a first free look around before you’ll hit a paywall. This paywall works for each film, which means you have to pay 1,99 Euro (the price and currency depends on your country) for the „Third Star“ package for example. Even if given the fact that – in my case – the film itself is not available it’s more than a fair price in exchange for what you get. And you are supporting independent films.

Another film starring Benedict Cumberbatch is „Little Favour“ . The action thriller was originally crowdfunded by fans and was so far only available on iTunes also made it to „We are Colony“.  The short film comes with a huge amount of extras  for 3,99 Euro only which again is very little money.

„We Are Colony“ has a friendly design which works very smoothly on my Ubuntu driven laptop and my Nexus 7 tablet. Would love to stream the films to my Google Chromecast and enjoy the stuff on my telly in the future.



Letters of Note – A joy for book lovers

The writings – novels, poems, stories and dramas of all kind – we get to read because their authors created it for the public. And it still stays this way even if the work is called „letters“ – or for example „diaries“ as Max Frisch calls two of his works  (english versions here). He made it quite clear that „diaries“ (though they are called „sketchbooks“ in the English translation) for him is just a way of writing like writing a novel for example.

A book you want to have at hand

When it comes to letters – real letters – things are different. Often they were written for one purpose: to keep in touch with people over a more or less long distance.
The wonderful book „Letters of Note“ collected by Shaun Usher makes 125 letters available for readers in one huge volume. A volume that deserves a very favourite place in the bookshelf nearby or on a table because the variety of the topics and the writers are so well chosen that the reader will like to have it at hand to open and flick through it every once in a while and get hooked by letters of love, of dramatic situations or letters from famous persons. All of them give a very intimidate look into the brains of the writers which is emphasized  by facsimiles of the letters placed to a reader friendly transcript of the writings.

The book is also available as Kindle version and although I do love my kindle, I’m glad I decided to buy the hardcover. If you are a book lover or if you want to gift it to a book lover dear to you, do the same.

„Letters of Note“ is a treat for book lovers. Photo: pb

If part of this article sound weird this is due to the fact that I’m not a native speaker, so don’t be too harsh.
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